Data Commons Team

At-Risk Data Commons Team

Katherine (Katie) Mika, Data Services Librarian, Assistant Professor: Katie is the first Data Services Librarian at CU Boulder and her work includes supporting students and researchers as data producers and consumers at all stages of the research data lifecycle. One of her primary goals at CU Libraries is to increase digital and data literacy among students and researchers including the importance of data stewardship; the FAIR data principles to make published data more Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable; and optimizing data management for reuse. Her research areas focus on Open Science, especially Open Data and data reuse, examining interdisciplinary research practices, and creating a global linked open data citation graph to support standard protocols for citing across the web.

Ruth Duerr is a research scholar with the Ronin Institute for Independent Scholarship. Previously with positions at  the National Snow and Ice Data Center and Alaska Satellite Facility, she is passionate about encouraging data stewardship among researchers demonstrated through teaching courses, developing and presenting a variety of workshops, and editing ESIP’s peer-reviewed Data Management short course. She routinely presents lectures that introduce audiences to data management issues and solutions at meetings and conferences and has taught data management to graduate students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Denise Hills is a geoscientist at the Geological Survey of Alabama and is currently Director of the Energy Investigations program where her research focuses on energy resource assessment. She also leads much of the data rescue and data preservation efforts at the Survey, focusing on the geological cores in relation to over 100 years of hydrocarbon research in the state. Denise currently serves as President of the Earth Space Science Informatics Section of AGU, Chair of the EarthCube Liaison Team, and Chair of the Governance Committee at ESIP. She has previously served as Chair of the Geoinformatics Division of GSA, Co-Chair of the Data Stewardship Committee of ESIP, and Co-Chair of the EarthCube Engagement Team.

Joan Torres-Saez is the Chief Data Officer at Cloud BIRST and a former IBM Executive with extensive practical and technical experience in the IT world. Ms. Torres-Saez founded and leads Data Rescue Boulder, the largest volunteer data rescue effort in the United States, which has saved and published over 14 billion data points and archived thousands of datasets.

Cloud BIRST is a big data organization who has provided the Data At Risk  team support including professional graphics designers, technical support, server design, maintenance and support, technical design and application layer testing, as well as disaster planning and recovery.

Jason Hare, CEO of Jason M Hare and Associates, data governance executive and open data practitioner has worked in the US and abroad to advance Open Data standards, efforts and collaborative alliances with agencies and governments at all levels.  Jason is working on ways for data to be shared between North Carolina’s Department of Human and Health Services and downstream users of these data such as municipalities and policy makers while advocating for protection of personally identifiable data and HIPAA compliance in Open Data efforts. Jason has provided testimony and input to the federal government on Open Data standards. Jason worked with the White House OSTP on open data and data governance issues in 2016. He has been a World Bank SME on Open Data since 2013 and was one of the original team members of the Open Government Partnership’s Open Data Working Group under Tim Berners-Lee.

Natalie Meyers is an E-Research librarian in Digital Initiatives and Scholarship at Notre Dame’s Hesburgh Libraries where she helps pioneer and provide research data consulting services, including more in-depth data management services in support of grant-funded research.

Our founders have received technical and logistical support and participation from members of the Earth Science Information Partners, the Ronin Institute for Independent Scholarship, Notre Dame, Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, the Association of Research Libraries, the American Geophysical Union and representatives from several University Research Libraries.